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Sykesville 2023 Voters Guide

The Community Media Center has created this voters guide a public service to the residents of Carroll County to help provide access to important election information. The Community Media Center is pleased to provide this valuable programming to the residents of Carroll County. We encourage local citizens to exercise their right to vote. To learn more view our Political Campaign Content Policy.


Election Results

Anna Carter - 86 votes

Mark Dyer - 78 votes

Jeremiah Schofield - 79 votes


Sykesville Voters Guide Information

  • vote

    Election Information

    Election dates, absentee voting, polling places and important links to help you stay informed

  • candidate info

    About the Candidates

    See who's running for local office and watch candidate profiles.

  • policy

    Political Campaign Content Policy

    CMC's goal is to establish an equal platform for political advocacy and provide local residents with information about individuals seeking public office in the upcoming municipal elections.