The Community Media Center Serves Carroll County

The Community Media Center serves residents of Carroll County through our premier multimedia production facility. We strive to provide our PEG partners and local community members with all the tools necessary to create high-quality content. Here are some of the resources available at the CMC facility.

  • A professional lighting grid, and cameras are available in our 2000 square foot production studio.
  • Members can create professional quality video effects and programs through our video switcher, in the Studio Control Room.
  • Break outside the studio with our high end field production cameras, lights, and audio equipment available by reservation.
  • When finished shooting, our Volunteer Editing Bays house two Final Cut Pro iMacs which offer the tools to edit your footage.

Tour your Community Media Center

You can tour the CMC facility and learn more about our services by scheduling an appointment.

Tours are offered by appointment only. This helps to insure that we have adequate planning time and staff available to address your needs.

For a quick facility tour and general information, please schedule your request a minimum of two weeks in advance. To schedule a tour, call 410-386-4415 or email info@carrollmediacenter.org

Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout or other youth groups with badge requirements seeking an interactive demonstration, must make a request at least three weeks in advance.