get involved

Get involved, learn, & share through media

The Community Media Center offers a number of ways to get involved, learn production skills and share your vision through local media.

It all starts with a CMC Membership that gives individuals access to the training and equipment necessary to bring your video production to life.

CMC Producers can take advanced workshops to further expand their production skills and gain valuable experience on the latest equipment. This advanced training allows CMC producers to create high-quality television productions.

CMC Volunteers have the opportunity to work with CMC staff on high profile community events both in studio and on location. This is a great way for members to gain experience, hone their skills and build a portfolio of work.

CMC’s Intern Program gives high school and college student’s real world experience in the video production field.

When you Donate to the CMC you help insure that residents continue to have the opportunity to spread the word about topics that are important to our community. Through your contributions we are able to provide our members with the tools, training and access they need to create quality local television.