CMC Policy Documents

Public Access Policy -The CMC Board of Directors establishes policy which governs public access to services, resources and content distribution platforms.


Political Campaign Content Policy - A fundamental purpose of the CMC is to facilitate a forum for free and diverse expression including political speech and to facilitate an informed electorate. 


Forms and Documents

Patron Member Handbook - Patron Members receive access to training and equipment and agree to follow the rules and procedures laid out in our Patron Member Handbook.The Handbook covers topics regarding program content, ownership, clearances, distribution and equipment and other important topics.


Cablecast Release Form - To submit a request for a program to be broadcast on the public access channel, Please submit a completed Cablecast Release Form.


Production Request Form - To submit a request for production assistance or services


CMC Talent Release Form - Consent form to authorize the use of your name, likeness, picture, and/or voice in Community Media Center productions.