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You can be part of the CMSportsNet team and help us cover local sports as a volunteer. Right now, students, parents, alumni, fans and community volunteers can join our team and help us cover the games, gather statistics or provide play by play commentary. Imagine yourself on the field, working with CMC professionals to bring the thrill of the game to thousands of screens across Carroll County. All you need is a passion for sports and a willingness to learn. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. So come on, get in the game contact us an sign up to join our team today. 

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CMSportsNet will be rolling out of a brand a new way for you to follow your favorite local sports action! 

CMSportsNet’s ClipZone will deliver the latest local sports plays, right to your favorite social media platforms!  We’re starting small and will continue to expand our coverage as we go. 

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The Community Media Center launched CMSportsNet in 2018 as pilot program to cover Carroll County’s local sports. Since then CMSportsNet has delivered over 165 highlight clips, multiple half hour wrap up shows and exclusive live online coverage of some of your favorite local sports. CMSportsNet is bringing local high school and college sports coverage to every screen in Carroll County. Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and wrestling - CMSportsNet is constantly expanding with a singular focus - giving you the best seat in the house for Carroll County's local sports action. 

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