Political Campaign Content Policy

The Community Media Center (CMC) Board of Directors is responsible for establishing policies which govern public access to services, resources and content distribution platforms. A fundamental purpose of the CMC is to facilitate a forum for free and diverse expression including political speech and to facilitate an informed electorate.

The Community Media Center's Political Campaign Content Policy was established by the Board of Directors to further robust political discourse and to facilitate equitable access by candidates and organizations advocating and influencing the outcome of an election.

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The Community Media Center's goal is to establish an equal platform for political advocacy and provide local residents with information about individuals seeking public office in the upcoming elections. 

The Community Media Center (CMC) will accept political campaign messages as outlined in our Political Campaign Content Policy and under our Public Access Policy Political campaign messages that are not produced by the Community Media Center will be broadcast exclusively on Cable Channel 19, our public access channel, and are not posted to our website or on any of our social media outlets.The Community Media Center will establish an embargo on all political messaging one week prior to election day. All messaging must adhere to our Public Access Policy. 

Carroll County residents or organizations interested in having content broadcast should fill out a cablecast request form and include it with your video submission to info@carrollmediacenter.org.  You may also contact us at 410-386-4415 with questions or if you require additional information.