Chamber Member Meeting with Kelly Frager

Coverage of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting will be held at Martin's in Westminster and will be streamed live online and on cable channel HD-1086 and channel 19. It will be recorded for rebroadcast.

The meeting will include Election of Directors to the Chamber's Board and feature a presentation by Guest Speaker- Kelly FragerKelly Frager Professional Development & TrainingTurning Down the Volume to Tune In


In today’s noisy and busy world, we often find ourselves running from one meeting to another. One social media site to another. One to-do list to another. One last check of e-mail to just one-more quick check. One (fill in the blank) to another. The pandemic and entry into a virtual work-from-home situation, also forced many of us to view life through a new lens. And in the midst of our on-going running and business, we have our relationships; relationships we have with our co-workers, clients, family and friends. Kelly will lead the conversation as together we explore and give some grit to:

  • Turning down the noise  
  • Creating space for what matters most  
  • The BIG Awkward Silence  
  • What we know but neglect  
  • The investment of appreciation  
  • The spell of technology  
  • Time vs. treasure vs. task