Special Programming for Black History Month

Throughout the month of February the Community Media Center (CMC) will highlight the heritage and achievements of Carroll County's African-American community by featuring a variety of locally produced programming. Tune in to Cable Channel HD-1086 every Monday and Friday at 9:00 am and Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 pm. Each week we'll feature locally produced documentaries, personal interviews and area event coverage that helps document, commemorate and celebrate our African American community. Documentaries and interviews featured are part of the Carroll County History Project

Broadcast Channels and Times:


Cable Channel HD 1086 -

Monday and Friday at 9:00 AM 

Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 PM

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Cable Channel 19 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 PM

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black history month

Watch a trailer for one of this weeks featured programs

The March on Washington: A CMC documentary produced in partnership with the Carroll County NAACP, featuring local residents who were part of the historic event on August 28th, 1963. Residents share their stories and memories of how this remarkable event helped usher in a new age of civil rights and liberties.  


Here are some other programs you'll see in February


Spoken Word From: DewMore Baltimore: Presented by Carroll Arts Council. DewMore Baltimore presents Black Is…, a poetry revue and performance filled with diverse and profound black stories told through an unapologetically black Baltimore lens. This performance seeks to highlight the legacy of MLK and uplift the unique beauty and truth of Baltimore’s poetic voice. Using their artful words as a literary mechanism for change, DewMore has become a national staple in the world of performance poetry.


A Tribute to Rep. John R. Lewis: Presented by the Carroll County NAACP.  Rep. John R. Lewis speaks at the 31st annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast January 15, 2007. Lewis recounts a number of stories from his history growing up in Alabama, to the civil rights movement and his work with the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Come and walk in my shoes and I'll show you things have changed.   Rep. Lewis died on July 17, 2020.


The Rock of Our Ancestors: This Community Media Center (CMC) produced documentary explores the origins, history and impact of Carroll County’s small, African-American Churches. As the documentary shows, Carroll County’s houses of worship have not only served as a source of strength and comfort, but also have been vessels of history; some tracing their roots back over 100 years. Their loss goes beyond a simple building. It is the very heritage of their ancestors and the identity of an entire community that is at stake. Rev. Douglas Sands of White Rock Independent Methodist Episcopal Church served as Executive Producer.


Carroll’s African American Soldiers and Sailors in the Civil War: The Historical Society of Carroll County's Virtual Box Lunch Talk: Carroll’s African American Soldiers and Sailors in the Civil War. Carroll County contributed a large number of its free and enslaved African American men to fight for the Union during the Civil War. Most ended up in the infantry, but some were assigned to the cavalry and others to the U.S. Navy. Join Mimi Ashcraft in exploring the stories of these men, the challenges they faced in segregated military service, the battles in which they fought, and their families’ efforts for pensions after the war ended.


Dr. Danice Brown - Our Country Tis of Thee? Dr. Danice Brown presentation: Our Country Tis of Thee? from the 2020 Carroll Citizens for Racial Equality  Bridging the Gap Virtual Conference. Dr. Danice Brown is the Associate Professor & Coordinator of Clinical Training, Psychology – Towson University.


Robert Moton School - The Hope of a Community:  This one-hour documentary, produced by CMC Member, Patricia Mack-Preston, features local residents who attended the Robert Moton High School. The program honors the individuals who attended the school and records their memories about segregated education; the struggles, the triumphs, the pursuit of excellence and their experiences during desegregation in Carroll County.


White Rock Church History: The history of White Rock Independent Methodist Episcopal Church in Eldersburg, one of the oldest African American churches in Carroll County. Rev. Douglas Sands served as Executive Producer.


African American Trailblazers series:  Produced by the CMC in partnership with the Carroll County NAACP, this collection of programs is a compilation of interviews with local individuals who were pioneers in a variety of fields such as Community Action, Education, Politics and Sports.


White Rock Church Veterans Sunday: Members of White Rock Independent Methodist Episcopal Church who served in the military shared stories with the Carroll County History Project (2016) In addition, we hear from members of the United States Black Cavalry Family including their president Thomas 'TC' Costley who is from White Rock.


Carroll County African America Veterans: Local military veterans share their experiences serving in the armed forces. The interviews are part of the Carroll County History Project’s Veteran Oral History Collection. 



Watch some of the featured videos in the Carroll County History Project's collection below 


Through the eyes of the black experience