The Community Media Center continues our salute to local veterans with ongoing programming thru December. Tune in to Cable Channel HD-1086 every Monday and Friday at 9:00 am and Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 pm. Each week we'll feature new interviews with local veterans. Interviews will also be broadcast on Channel 19

Each week you'll hear fascinating stories of military service from local individuals representing all branches of the military. These veterans experiences span the decades from WWII to Korea, Vietnam to Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. These important personal accounts provide powerful insights into the experiences of our local veterans. Through their stories, we can begin to see how military experiences affect every aspect of life, regardless of whether a person served overseas or stateside, during a time of conflict or peace.

The goal of this project is to recognize our local veterans, honor them for their service and preserve their memories of service for future generations. 

These Carroll County Veterans Interviews are brought to you by Terry's Tag and Title.  

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All interviews become part of the Carroll County History Project’s permanent, online video archive. If you our someone you know would like to share their story of military service, contact us at 410-386-4415 

The Community Media Center has over 80 interviews in the current Veterans Oral History Collection. You can watch our current collection below and be sure to tune in to HD-1086 or Channel 19.


Carroll County Veterans