Celebrate Mt. Airy Event - August 25, 2019



Mt. Airy Celebrates 125th Anniversary

2019 marks the 125th Anniversary of the Town of Mt. Airy.  On August  24, 2019 The town held it's 4th annual Celebrate Mt Airy event with downtown activities commemorating this milestone event.  To document their anniversary, the Town of Mt. Airy worked with the Community Media Center to collect interviews with local residents and create a compilation video, introduced by Mayor, Patrick Rockinberg. 

Mt. Airy is the quintessential small town community and we hope you enjoy this special video prepared for the quasquicentennial. Residents shared their memories of how the town has grown and changed over the years as well as what they feel makes Mt. Airy such a special place to live, work and play. Each person featured has fascinating stories about the town and we encourage you to view the full interviews in the collection below.  Thank you to all the participants who shared their unique perspectives on the town as part of this video time capsule.

For more information about Mt. Airy please visit the Mt. Airy Museum and Caboose Visitor Center, located at 1 N. Main Street, open on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also learn more online at the Mount Airy Website

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