Board of Education Candidates Forum 2020

The Community Media Center (CMC)  partnered with the Carroll County Times to hold a Board of Education Candidates Forum

All four of the candidates running for office participated in the forum. Candidates include: Stephanie R. Brooks, Virginia R. Harrison, Marsha B. Herbert and Donna Sivigny. Of these four candidates, two will be elected to the Board of Education.

Mr. Bob Blubaugh, editor of the Carroll County Times served as the moderator for the event. 

The forum was broadcast live from the Community Media Center, however to ensure compliance with state and local social distancing guidelines, the forum venue was not be open to the public. 

Residents can rebroadcasts of  the Board of Education Candidates Forum October 24, 2020

Channel HD-1086

Sun at 10:00 AM - Tue at 9:30 PM - Wed at 6:00 PM - Fri at Noon - Sat at 5:00 PM 

Channel 19

Sun at 12:30 PM - Mon at 8:00 PM - Wed at 8:00 PM - Thurs at 10:00 PM - Sat at 11:30 AM


The Community Media Center is conducting this forum as a public service for the residents of Carroll County and does not endorse any political candidate or political organization.