Trainees Turned into Teachers Teaching Trainees

We prototyped a new workshop method where we had an intern instruct our Final Cut Pro X workshop.  Read on to hear all about it!

Here’s How It Went Down...

Our McDaniel Multimedia Production Intern, Kayla Catlin was asked to instruct our members on a Final Cut Pro X Basics workshop. She accepted and took on the challenge to teach our members about the basic layout and function of editing video in the software.  She was given some media to work with for demonstrative purposes with the class.  Mike and Cody had made some footage of a “Chase Scene” that they recorded late last year as a training tool for workshops like this.  


Kayla is a Natural!

The workshop started with a brief introduction of Kayla to the class of 8 (thats a full house for the front classroom). Then after the introduction, Kayla took over in instruction while Cody and Mike played the part of teachers assistants to help with individual problems from the students in the workshop.  Kayla commanded the room as she led everyone step-by-step through the software.  Her students were engaged, focused, and felt no pressure that they were falling behind. With instances like these where we have folks that we have trained already teaching other members, this will make a great educational model to increase capacity for more frequent workshops and for Mike and Cody to play more of an administrative role with workshops instead of needing to plan AND teach them.


Member Feedback

We had on at least three separate occasions after the instructional part of the workshop was complete of members coming up to Mike, Cody, or Kayla praising the workshop and how it was done.  Charles and Charlotte Wheatley made great strides in learning FCP X and felt that Kayla had a great pace of teaching a dense subject.  Bill Murphy (who has taken FCP X basics workshop at least three times now) commended Kayla in great lengths on her ability to put the lesson in another perspective than what Mike and Cody had done previously.  So according to the members themselves, our impact for the workshop was effective and meaningful to them.