Fond Farewell from your Ol' Pal Cody

I have a few things I want to say before I go!  There are people to thank and you are one of them so read on...

The midnight hour grows near as I pen to you, beloved community members, my final testament as your Education Coordinator at the Community Media Center.  On the downward crest of my wood anniversary, I look back at all of my experiences here with jubilant zeal and fervor… On second thought, I won’t make you read an entire blog in the style of a turn-of-the-century Dickens Novel...   


Hello Everyone!

This may be my lengthiest blog to-date but it is fitting as it will be my last one.  It has been a pleasure to work at the CMC over the years but like watching any good internet video involving a dog, a freshly mopped floor, and a wiley cat taunting him at the dry end of the hall, all things must come to an end.  My last day as Education Coordinator at the CMC will be Friday October 25th, 2019.


I have been at the CMC for 5 years now.  Hard to believe. Feels like so much longer than that in terms of my own personal and professional growth.  There are a lot of things I could tell 2014 Cody who was fresh to the teaching and production fields. I could suggest to him to start the Media Makers group sooner, I could remind him that if he shaved then fewer people would confuse him for Aaron, or I could have warned him about the dangers of having someone stack cat kennels (with the cats still in them) 5-high at a CMC picnic.  Would 2014 Cody have listened? Probably not, that naive jerk. ;) But knowing all of that ahead of time would have taken away the experiences that fell out of these events. I wouldn’t have been able to use a dynamite fleet of interns to pilot the concept for Carroll Helping Carroll. I would have missed the chance to “Parent Trap” organizations into working with me instead of Aaron so he wasn't overstretched in production. And I wouldn’t have been able to share the experience of hearing a concert of feline distress from a toppled cat tower with staff members at a picnic.  These five years have been packed with learning experiences that I believe I needed to be a proper, fully-formed 2019-Cody. And of course this didn’t happen all on my own. I want to give a huge “thank you” to the CMC staff, the career coordinators from all of the schools that have worked with me, our hardworking interns, and especially our members.


The countless projects I have been a part of and the work that we have done together have impacted me in a way that is hard to express into words.  As I write in retrospection, I am trying to compartmentalize the emotions I have tied to my experiences to make it easier to summarize my overall experience.  That is proving difficult as well. There have been quite a few people that have walked into my world over the years (or I have been standing in theirs depending on their perspective) who have all had their specialized experiences with me.  I have been called patient, intelligent, reliable, and trustworthy and I am glad to have been all of those things for all of you that have subscribed to honoring me with those labels. Working with CMC Members like John Carver, the Dinne Family, Bob Ciampaglia, Bill Murphy, George Shearer, the late Dr. Pete Nickolas, and the Lord Family have made my job rewarding and fun! To have such steadfast community members pitch in to help our cause and want to keep coming back has been awesome.  I appreciate all of the workshops, lab sessions, video projects, and Cody-rants that you have participated in (or suckered into It means a lot. Your engagement pushed me to go bigger and better in how I approach new concepts to teach and, more importantly, try to make these new things fun. It would take me novels to thoroughly thank everyone individually and to share a story with you about our time together so pardon me if I missed your name in the list above. But, in essence: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


You all are wonderful! I'll catch you around. :)