That’s a wrap on Carroll Helping Carroll Season 1

It was a warm and humid night in October when the gladiators of cmc broadcasting stepped into the proverbial colosseum to record the season finale of CHC.  Read on to find out how these studio titans did it!

It’s the Final Countdown!

“Live in 5...” The crew was in high spirits and hungry for some studio action.  “4...” All of our studio positions were filled with seasoned members who were all a part of at least one other episode this season.  “3...” A calm fell over the control room as each individual demonstrated, with laser beam focus, that they were ready to tackle this beast as a team.  “2..” Kayla’s shoulders and arms tensed over the switcher panel as the rest of the folks in the control room instinctively leaned closer into their screens. “1...” The control room so quiet you could hear an ant walking across a cotton ball down the hall.  Everything frozen in time; waiting for the final call... “Action!”


Sweet Victory!

The show came out great.  Everyone came together and made a show that they can be proud of.  Don Rowe from the ARC Carroll County was a fantastic on-screen energy and our Producer, Brenda Dinne, really engaged with him about important questions and topics that the residents of Carroll County will find very helpful to know.  It was a great culmination of all of the hard work the whole crew has done throughout this first season of Carroll Helping Carroll.  Between the increased confidence of our members, the increased production value that the new news desk brought to the scene, and the routine of the other episodes really made a noticeable difference in the production between episode 1 and 5 of the season.  I highly recommend checking out some clips from our YouTube channel so you can see our progress for yourself!