Packed House at CMC After-hours Event

What a fantastic turn-out for my first big event at the Community Media Center of Carroll County, just 3 weeks on the job! The team work and dedication of the staff pulled the event off without a hitch and everyone had a fantastic time!

With only three weeks into my new position as Development Coordinator, we hosted an after-hours event for over 60 business owners and nonprofit managers from the local community. Yikes! Objectives had to be clarified; a program had to be fine tuned; and of course, food and beverages had to be ordered! But despite the tight timetable, the dedicated staff at CMC collaborated beautifully and created a unique event for our guests.


We were all thrilled when attendees came pouring through the doors at the appointed hour, making this a near record-breaking Carroll County Chamber sponsored, PM Connection - a wonderful mix of great conversation, great food, and great exchange of information!


While munching on delicious food from the Blue Bistro and sipping on beer from BreweryFire, attendees had an opportunity to visit each of four engaging kiosks to learn a bit about the services, training and programming that CMC offers to the Carroll County community. These included: the Veteran Oral History Project, the CMSportsNet local coverage, CMC’s Intern and Media Makers training, and a Virtual Studio Set Experience. People really loved the on-camera experience, which was posted to Facebook. Even the camera-shy observers applauded after each take, urging their colleagues on.


I was especially excited to chat with folks about their personal interests in how CMC is serving the community. Some people were impressed with the way CMC uses both high school and college students as interns to train them toward their career interests; others expressed interest in supporting our Veterans or local athletes and had no idea that their own Community Media Center was so deeply committed. I love hearing new ideas for programming that folks would like to see on CMC. Fabulous!


Sharing your feedback, ideas, innovations….this is exactly what I hope you will think of when you think the Community Media Center of Carroll County. I’ve always cherished my relationships with the businesses and nonprofit leaders who have supported the Carroll County community. I look forward to talking with you very soon and discovering how you can partner and support the Community Media Center.