Chemistry in our Member Lab!

No, we are not talking about science class. All of our elements are coming together and blending together in our metaphorical beaker of success.  We have members working and meeting new members, establishing relationships, and getting studio experience all at the same time! Read further to see why our most recent Lab was such an impactful event!

We Struck Gold... by going Platinum

Our Studio Production Lab was all about providing our members with a follow-up practice time to our previous educational workshop.  Both events were came from a request and feedback from our member, Brenda Dinne.  She was interested in getting a more formalized training on running a studio production than the more laid back Carroll Helping Carroll episodes that we have been recording with the CMC Media Makers. This response to direct feedback from a member made a great impact, not only for her, but also on other patron members. They saw that if they were vocal and provided us with feedback, it would help us meet their interests. There is an undeniable positive surge of energy when people feel like they are being heard.  Mike and I asked for immediate feedback at the end of the lab to either make more events similar to this or to correct our approach.  We received notes from several of the attendees noting that how this event was laid out was supremely beneficial and that they wanted more labs that had the same stress-free educational benefit.  These members were more experience-driven than product-driven when it comes to workshops.  That is a big revelation!

Earning Their Labcoats

Mike and I laid the groundwork during the previous week where we unloaded an immense amount of information to the two members that attended and provided them instruction about how to operate positions in the studio and control room. These two members were made into "Studio Crew Leaders" for this lab and were given the power to teach the other members their stations (Did I mention that our attendance to this combined workshop increased by 150%?).  This system of members teaching members was extremely helpful to both the instructors and instructees.  It created connections between members who did not work together previously, lowered the authority factor of being taught by CMC staff yet again, and provided the Studio Crew Leaders with a great opportunity to retain information by sharing what they know with another member.   I am predicting that our final Carroll Helping Carroll for the year (October 4th) will go even smoother with our Studio Crew Leaders and their students attending the recording. 


Our Newest Dose of Entropy!

Last week was also the start of our newest intern's tenure here at the CMC.  Sean Dinne (Son of CMC member and Studio Crew Leader, Brenda Dinne) will be here for 6 weeks as part of the Arc Carroll County Summer Youth Program.  He will be creating a promotional video of his mother's upcoming Carroll Helping Carroll episode where Brenda is the Executive Producer of the episode.  We are glad to have him here so if you make it into the CMC between 10:30am and 3pm in the next 5 weeks, then you can find him hard at work with his Job Coach in the front classroom.  Feel free to say hi and thank him for his continued work with the CMC both as a member and an intern.