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The Rock of our Ancestors: Now available on DVD

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This Community Media Center (CMC) produced documentary explores the origins, history and impact of Carroll County’s small, African-American Churches. Throughout our history, the church has been the cornerstone around which people have gathered to build their communities. This documentary profiles small local churches that are facing an uncertain future. Shrinking congregations, competing interests and financial pressures are creating significant challenges to their survival.  As the documentary shows, Carroll County’s houses of worship have not only served as a source of strength and comfort, but also have been vessels of history; some tracing their roots back over 100 years. For these parishioners, the loss of the church is the loss of their legacy.  Today, it’s not simply a building or the congregation that is at risk, it is the very heritage of their ancestors and the identity of an entire community that is at stake.

The project was initiated by the Rev. Douglas Sands of White Rock Independent Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Sands served as Executive Producer for the documentary and thanks to his inspiration and tireless efforts, the story of Carroll County’s small churches is being told, in the words of their parishioners.

DVD's are available for $20.00 each

Orders can be picked up at the Community Media Center:

1301 Washington Rd, Westminster MD 21157.

If you prefer, your DVD can be to be mailed to you. Just pay additional shipping & handling charge.

Questions?  Contact us at 410-386-4415

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