Orientation & Certification

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Orientations and Basic Certifications are scheduled upon request. Participants will receive a tour of the facility and will learn about the CMC, its guidelines and procedures and will also be provided with information on the history of Public Access Television and the CMC’s roles as a Public, Education and Government (PEG) facility.

Basic Camera instruction follows orientation.   If you are interested in learning more about the CMC and membership please contact Mike Fell at MFell@carrollmediacenter.org for more information.

Basic Certification (free with paid CMC membership)

A CMC member can receive Basic Certifications in Field Production, Audio Booth, and Video Editing.  Basic Certifications are requested by CMC members and are scheduled by the Member Coordinator after the completion of Orientation via email.

Once certified with a paid membership after orientation, the member can reserve and use the CMC field cameras, microphones, lights, Audio Booth and it’s associated gear, and community edit stations to produce their program.

All certifications can be scheduled on an individual basis but the Member Coordinator will set up group certifications if possible.  Please call the Member Coordinator to schedule a certification session for any of these production skills.

  • Basic Field Production Certification – Learn how to use cameras, lights, and microphones to create local television programming about your interests.
  • Basic Editing Certification – Learn how to take your footage and edit it together to create a story or package an event.
  • Basic Audio Booth Certification – Learn how to record audio in the CMC Audio Booth for voice overs, podcasts, foley work, or any other audio need.  This certification also includes a very basic introduction to Adobe Audition.

To schedule an orientation, fill out our Request for Services Form. Select Training, and let us know you are interested in scheduling an Orientation  or Basic Certification.

If you would like more information, please call 410-386-4415 or email info@carrollmediacenter.org.

Community Media Center

1301 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157

Phone: 410-386-4415/Fax: 410-875-2358

Email: info@carrollmediacenter.org