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Customize Your Membership & Training!

You have a unique story to tell, and how you choose to tell that story is as distinctive as you are. All you need are the skills to bring your story to life, but everyone’s needs are different. Your project might be achieved with simple field production & editing skills, while your neighbors program may require full studio production training. So why in the world should you have to learn stuff you don’t need?.

CMC’s old one-size-fits-all certification track forced you into a predetermined set of training requirements – master these or you don’t move on. It simply wasn’t working. So to help remove those barriers, and put you on the fast track to achievement, we’re revamping our membership training options.

With our new membership structure, when you become a member of the CMC you’ll decide exactly what areas of production you want to concentrate on. So you can learn what you need – as you need it.  This kind of “a la carte” training will be paired with a completely new certification model.  You’ll be able to concentrate on areas that interest you and add to your training one skill at a time.

With this new system you can be officially “certified” for a variety of different production positions, and the certification and training you receive, will be the same qualifications we use for our Professional Staff.

Under this new model, we can more effectively provide you with a regular schedule of workshops & training to support your specific production needs.  We’ll be rolling out more information about membership changes later this year. 

Regular Meetings & Team Productions

In an effort to help you gain more experience, sharpen your skills and network with your peers, we created Media Makers,  where members work together as a team to plan and complete a studio production that’s entirely crewed by YOU our members.  

Carroll Helping Carroll is our member-staffed studio talk show; featuring interviews with non-profit agencies to help spread the word about the services they provide. CMC Members  serve as directors, camera operators, audio tech’s, interviewers, graphics, etc… It’s a great way to learn new skills, and gain experience while we all help give back to our community!

These meetings are held monthly and each meeting starts with a networking social and end with a program being produced in the studio.  


Member Rewards Program - Coming Soon!

Another exciting feature we’re working on for 2018 is a Member Rewards System. It’s kinda’ like a ‘frequent flyers’ program for members who want to be more active with the CMC.  Here’s how it will work: Members will earn points by helping fellow producers with their projects, or assisting with CMC productions, submitting a completed program, or attending workshops, etc…   Then the points you’ve earned can be redeemed for various types of rewards.  For example; a member could “spend” their points on; discounts for workshops, CMC swag, or reserve a block of time for special, one-on-one training with CMC staff, etc…  We’ll be rolling out more details on the program after the holidays, so stay tuned for more updates!  

As always if you have a question or an idea, give Mike Fell or Cody McLaughlin a call at 410-386-4415 or drop them an email.  We love hearing all your suggestions!

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