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Channel 19

Channel 19 is the public access channel for Carroll County, airing programs produced or sponsored by local residents. Ranging from talk shows to musical concerts, the mission of Channel 19 is to provide the community with programs that both inform and entertain. The goal of the channel is to give the community members a voice to share their views, opinions and points of interest.

Local public access started in Carroll County in 1989 and continues today, allowing residents to exercise their first amendment right through television. With over 20 years of service to the public, Channel 19 has made it its goal to provide county citizens with programming that is not just for them but also done by them. Be sure to tune in and see what matters to the community and get involved to have your voice heard.

For more information on getting involved contact the Community Media Center at 410-386-4415 or at

(Listings subject to change. Some events recently covered, may not yet be scheduled to air.)

Community Media Center

1301 Washington Road, Westminster, MD 21157

Phone: 410-386-4415/Fax: 410-875-2358